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The World According to Coleen

Coleen Grissom (author)

A collection of hellaciously funny and homespun speeches and columns by a San Antonio legend

In a collection of musings that is as much historical record as it is memoir, Coleen Grissom provides a unique view of life on and off an American university campus. As an administrator and faculty member at Trinity University in San Antonio for over five decades, Grissom has seen the feminist movement take hold, the sexual revolution take off, and the tragic deaths of students, friends, and family. Her honest, witty, and acerbic words have urged students, their parents, and the community at large to become lifelong readers and to aspire to a life well-lived.


“Coleen Grissom is a superb example of Dear Reader—the intelligent, passionate, fully engaged, gets-all-the-jokes audience. And she’s not exactly shy about sharing her enthusiasms, so she’s also a brave advocate. If there’s ever a last-stand fort of reading and writing to be defended, Coleen Grissom will be right up there on the battlements. Readers like her raise the bar for writers.”

Margaret Atwood, author of Moral Disorder and Other Stories

“Coleen Grissom is an indelible original, a straight-talkin’ virtuoso of radiant and glittering mind, as well as one of the funniest people alive. Anyone who gets to hear her speak will never forget it; the rest of the world will seem slightly duller by comparison. Or, you will feel recharged to discover more about the rest of the world—its literature and films and wisdom, its small towns, its animals—more about everything interesting in general. Reading Grissom’s passionate and brilliant speeches may be nearly as good as hearing them. At least we will have them in hand to return to whenever we need some high-voltage uplift.”

Naomi Shihab Nye, poet and author of The Turtle of Oman

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