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Book Spells Out Epic Tale of Home Ranch

Becky Crouch Patterson, author of The Ranch That Was Us, appeared on the cover of the San Antonio Express-News Thanksgiving morning, in an article about the book, her life, and the Stieler family ranch. 

"The 67-year-old daughter of Hondo Crouch, the late raconteur and self-proclaimed mayor of Luckenbach, Patterson is absorbed in every turn of events on the ranch, which at 2,000 feet is the highest elevation in four counties—although it plummets almost as low into a spring-fed canyon. Like Zorro, she's instinctively rooted to the land. Also like her dog, Becky remains a bit of a tenderfoot." The state of Texas deeded the land, now just 1,500 acres triangulated by Comfort, Fredericksburg, and Kerrville on Texas 87, to Patterson's great-grandfather Hermann Stieler in 1876. Read more.


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