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Helenita Kleberg Groves of King Ranch

“No excuses” was one of Bob Kleberg’s credos. The longtime patriarch of the King Ranch lived his life with what his daughter Helenita, now 89, calls a “tenacity of purpose” that piloted him to a global leadership role in ranching, agriculture and energy.

“One of the things my father always said was, ‘Let’s make a plan — so we can change it later,’” said Helen Kleberg Groves — Helenita — raised on the King Ranch, the only child of ranch manager Robert “Bob” J. Kleberg Jr. and his wife Helen Campbell Kleberg. 

In Bob and Helen Kleberg of King Ranch, a beautifully illustrated book from Trinity University Press/Maverick Books and the Witte Museum, Groves tells a romantic story of the legendary South Texas ranch — founded in 1853 by her great-grandfather Capt. Richard King — primarily from her parents’ point of view. Read more.

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