Maverick Book Club

Trinity University Press invites you to the Maverick Book Club, celebrating all things Texas. This monthly series of virtual Zoom discussions features intriguing authors discussing the books that are shaping the narrative landscape of the state.

November 11 @ 7 PM CST: Name Them They Fly Better: Pat Hammond’s Theory of Aerodynamics with Pat Hammond and Robert Hammond. Read more.

December 9 @ 7 PM CST: Revolutionary Women of Texas and Mexico: Portraits of Soldaderas, Saints, and Subversives with contributor Sandra Cisneros, editors Ellen Riojas Clark and Kathy Sosa; moderated by contibutor Norma Elia Cantú. Register now.

January 6 @ 7 PM CST: How the Gringos Stole Tequila and The Spirit of Tequila with Chantal Martineau and Joel Salcido. Register now.