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Deep in the Heart of San Antonio

Land and Life in South Texas

Char Miller (author)

Intelligent commentary about the history, people, and politics of San Antonio

Char Miller combines the savvy of a historian and the street smarts of an urban observer as he delves into the special qualities of San Antonio and the larger issues characterizing South Texas. Writing with a lively and intimate style, Miller provides an overview of the region’s natural and environmental history; water issues; urban development; politics; and the Alamo City’s future. He subtly and successfully portrays how the history of water in the region has shaped its demographic and political realities and recalls how San Antonio billed itself as a health resort, building its tourist industry on the "illness of strangers." 

Throughout, Miller pulls no punches in chronicling San Antonio's poor record of urban planning; nor does he spare the city government in describing its deplorable neglect of the predominantly Latino west sde. Taken together, the essays in Deep in the Heart of San Antonio offer an incisive and intelligent commentary about the history, people, and politics in San Antonio and beyond. 

Miller’s analysis of the history and growth of the nation’s seventh largest city sheds light on American cities nationwide that confront comparable challenges and seek smart solutions.


  • Winner of the San Antonio Conservation Society Best Publication Award
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History, Regional, Politics, Texas