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Fifty Years of the Texas Observer

Char Miller (editor), Molly Ivins (foreword)

The Observer's best work to celebrate fifty years

For the past five decades the Texas Observer has been an essential voice in Texas culture and politics, championing honest government, civil rights, labor, and the environment, providing a platform for many of the state’s most passionate and progressive voices. Included here are ninety-one selections, including Roy Bedichek, Lou Dubose, Ronnie Dugger, Dagoberto Gilb, Jim Hightower, Molly Ivins, Larry McMurtry, Maury Maverick Jr., Willie Morris, and Debbie Nathan.

To mark the Texas Observer’s fiftieth anniversary in 2004, Char Miller has selected a cross section of the best work to appear in its pages. Not only does the collection pay homage to an important alternative voice in Texas journalism, it also serves as a progressive chronicle of a half-century of life in the Lone Star State—a state that has spawned three presidents in the last forty years. If Texas is, as some say, a crucible for national politics, then Fifty Years of the Texas Observer can be read as casebook for issues that concern citizens in all fifty states.


  • Rodolfo F. Acuña
  • Michael Vannoy Adams
  • Frances Barton
  • Roy Bedichek
  • Jake Bernstein
  • Nate Blakeslee
  • Elroy Bode
  • Bill Brammer
  • Robert Bryce
  • Gary Cartwright
  • Jo Clifton
  • Rod Davis
  • Dave Denison
  • J. Frank Dobie
  • Lou Dubose
  • Ronnie Dugger
  • Bob Eckhardt
  • Lars Eighner
  • Glen L. Evans
  • John Henry Faulk
  • Ruperto Garcia
  • Dagoberto Gilb
  • Lawrence Goodwyn
  • Carlos Guerra
  • Bill Helmer
  • Dave Hickey
  • Jim Hightower
  • Paul Holcomb
  • Joe Holley
  • Sarah T. Hughes
  • Molly Ivins
  • P. C. Jennings
  • Larry L. King
  • Michael King
  • Mickey Leland
  • Archbishop Robert E. Lucey
  • Larry McMurtry
  • Bishop L. T. Mattheisen
  • Maury Maverick Jr.
  • Willie Morris
  • Amado Muro
  • Debbie Nathan
  • Kaye Northcott
  • Greg Olds
  • Karen Olsson
  • Américo Paredes
  • Bill Porterfield
  • Fran Burton Presley
  • Buck Ramsey
  • Geoffrey Rips
  • A. R. “Babe” Schwartz
  • Bob Sherrill
  • Thomas Sutherland
  • James Stanley Walker
  • Ralph Yarborough


    “The Texas Observer tells it like it is—and tells it the way most newspapers can’t, or won’t. Fifty Years of the Texas Observer delivers stories that will make you laugh and cry, and finally shake your head in sheer disbelief. Be grateful for the Texas Observer—for the past fifty years and the future.”

    Ann Richards, former governor of Texas

    “The conventional wisdom might be that yesterday's news belongs in the recycle bin, but for those who love and yearn for a better Texas, this book proves otherwise.”

    Austin Chronicle

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