Jason M. Brown in Conversation with Terre Satterfield

On Zoom

Join Trinity University Press for Dwelling in the Wilderness: Modern Monks in the American West, author Jason M. Brown in Conversation with Terre Satterfield. What might the lives of contemporary monastics teach us about putting down roots? Whereas many of us are constantly on the go, stressed out, and focused on productivity, the life of a monk prioritizes staying put and paying attention. Many monks take a vow of stability that commits them to their home monastery, leading them to develop a deep connection with and knowledge of the land they inhabit. Dwelling in the Wilderness examines how contemporary Benedictine Roman Catholic monks in the American West fall in love with their landscapes and how, in troubled times, we might do the same. Free and online. Register here trinity.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_wAtnncISQQ6WVhgGRfXI8Q.