Maverick Book Club – Name Them They Fly Better

Virtual Event

Unlike our other Maverick Book Club events, this event will be premiered on our Youtube channel. Free for all.

Trinity University Press invites you to the Maverick Book Club, celebrating all things Texas. This monthly series of virtual discussions and in-person events features intriguing authors discussing the books that are shaping the narrative landscape of the state. Next up is a lively conversation with artist Pat Hammond, the subject of the book NAME THEM THEY FLY BETTER, with her son Robert Hammond, co-founder and the executive director of Friends of the High Line in New York City,

Free and open to everyone premiering live, on YouTube.

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Pat Hammond is not your ordinary artist. In fact, she doesn’t even consider herself an artist. She takes everyday objects, such as spinning tops and jars of cicada shells, and infuses them with new meaning and hope. Through humor and personalization, she uses insignificant and unconventional objects to illuminate a “grand truth” about the world, and even about herself. Hammond remarkable kite collection—hundreds of kites amassed over twenty years, has been featured at the Smithsonian and the Modern Museum of Art, and were gathered from every corner of the world, including Guatemala, Korea, and Polynesia. Hammond also designs her own kites, drafting ideas and sketches for numerous creations she has dreamed of flying.