Maverick Book Club – WEST SIDE RISING with Char Miller and Sarah Gould


Trinity University Press invites you to the Maverick Book Club, celebrating all things Texas. This bi-monthly series of virtual discussions and in-person events features intriguing authors discussing the books that are shaping the narrative landscape of the state. Join us for WEST SIDE RISING: How San Antonio’s 1921 Flood Devastated a City and Sparked a Latino Environmental Justice Movement with author Char Miller in conversation with Sarah Zenaida Gould, interim executive director of the Mexican American Civil Rights Institute.
West Side Rising is the first book focused squarely on San Antonio’s enduring relationship to floods, which have had severe consequences for its communities of color in particular. Examining environmental, social, and political histories, Char Miller demonstrates that disasters can expose systems of racism, injustice, and erasure and, over time, can impel activists to dismantle these inequities. He draws clear lines between the environmental injustices embedded in San Antonio’s long history and the emergence of grassroots organizations that combated the devastating impact floods could have on the West Side. Free on ZOOM.
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