Wild Spectacle

Janisse Ray

“Janisse Ray at her best…. If there’s a more open, honest, and appealing writer today, I’ve not met her.” — Bill McKibben, author Wandering Home: A Long Walk across America’s Most Hopeful Landscape

From the bestselling author of Ecology of a Cracker Childhood, an exploration of the astounding and vanishing wild world.

Art History 101 . . . Without the Exams

Annie Montgomery Labatt

A millennia of art history condensed into 20 accessible chapters

New Cooking from Old Mexico

Jim Peyton

Mexican cuisine spanning indigenous, pre-Hispanic, colonial, and contemporary eras


Lewis F. Fisher

The comprehensive history of one of the nation’s foremost city parks


Lewis F. Fisher

The comprehensive history of one of the nation’s foremost city parks

The Last Speaker of Bear

Lawrence Millman

Four decades of expeditions in the north from Canada to Siberia

Life in the Tar Seeps

Gretchen Ernster Henderson

Finding an intricate web of life in the tar seeps of the Great Salt Lake

Witness to War

Susan Toomey Frost, Walter Elias Hadsell, Claudia Canales

A stunning visual account of the 1914 U.S. invasion of Mexico

Syntax of the River

Barry Lopez, Julia Martin

A conversation with beloved writer Barry Lopez about attentiveness, humility, and hope in a troubled natural world

Native Texan

Joe Holley

Essay collection offers a lively, surprising tour of small town and big city Texas

(Don't) Stop Me if You've Heard This Before

Peter Turchi

Peter Turchi’s third book on the craft of fiction goes beyond the basics to explore the intricate mechanics of storytelling.


Jennifer McGaha

Part writing memoir, part nature memoir, and part meditation on a life well lived

From Here to the Horizon

Toby Jurovics, Debra Gwartney, Robert Macfarlane

Contemporary photographers pay tribute to the life and work of Barry Lopez

From the Sidelines to the Headlines

Betsy Gerhardt Pasley, Jody Conradt

An expansive history of women’s sports at Trinity University against the national backdrop of the women’s rights movement


David Michael Pritchett

Debut essay collection exploring landscapes and mythologies at the intersection of environmental, indigenous, and social justice