Books to the Border

Trinity University Press in San Antonio aims to impact the lives of children with Books to the Border, an innovative, newly expanded initiative that focuses on early childhood literacy in one of the country’s most economically challenged regions.

Sixty-one percent of children living along the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California do not have even one age-appropriate book in their home. Many communities along the border have underfunded school and library systems and no bookstores.

Research has shown that a critical factor in children’s academic success is the development of reading comprehension skills from an early age. In addition, children who never learn to read proficiently may suffer from low self-esteem and underdeveloped critical thinking skills. They are also at increased risk for dropping out of school and may face serious challenges as adults.

Through the Books to the Border campaign, Trinity University Press is collaborating with local social service organizations to distribute books and creative parent-focused support materials to families in the region.

The books in the campaign are from the press’s award-winning bilingual Arte Kids series, which features colorful artwork and text in English and Spanish. These beautiful board books are designed to encourage parent engagement with children and can be used for years by multiple children.

With Books to the Border, your donation enables delivery of a book straight into the hands of a child, along with bilingual educational materials in English and Spanish for parents emphasizing the importance of reading to and with children.

We need your financial partnership to make Books to the Border a success.

$1,250 donation will provide 250 children with a free book 

$2,500 donation will provide 500 children with a free book 

$4,500 donation will provide 1,000 children with a free book 

$11,000 donation will provide 2,500 children with a free book 

$21,000 donation will provide 5,000 children with a free book 

$40,000 donation will provide 10,000 children with a free book 

By partnering with appropriate and motivated local partners such as churches, social service agencies, libraries, and educational programs, Books to the Border introduces young children to learning and helps instill a love of reading.

We hope you’ll consider joining the Books to the Border team to ensure that tomorrow’s leaders learn to read today.

Please contact us directly at:

Bridget McGregor

Trinity University Press