Suzanne Stryk in Conversation with Jim Minick

Free Event on Zoom


Trinity University Press presents an evening with​ SUZANNE ​STRYK, author of The Middle of Somewhere in conversation with JIM MINICK author of ​F​ire is Your Water and The Blueberry Years​. ​There’s no such thing as the middle of nowhere. Everywhere is the middle of somewhere for some living being. That was Suzanne Stryk’s mantra as she journeyed through her home state on a mission inspired by the reflective, encyclopedic sensibility of Thomas Jefferson’s book Notes on the State of Virginia. While acknowledging the moral contradictions in the founding father’s work and life, Stryk offers a contemporary interpretation of Virginia’s ecology from a visual artist’s point of view. The Middle of Somewhere is an assemblage of essays, sketches, and ephemera from her travels. In a challenge that is universal, Stryk invites us to travel slowly, tread lightly, and look closely at each somewhere that defines a place.

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