Why Support

Why Support Trinity University Press

Trinity University Press publishes books that are intellectually rich, aesthetically creative, and culturally significant. Like most nonprofit publishers, our program depends on outside support from individuals, corporations, and foundations. In the same way that symphonies don’t survive on ticket sales alone, our book sales—though robust—can’t support the ambitious goals Trinity University Press pursues for its publications.

The press is dedicated to giving each of its books a life beyond its covers. We promote our books through reviews in national and international media—both print and broadcast—and thus contribute to dialogue and conversations about issues deserving of attention.  We host author events, bringing authors to San Antonio and arranging for events nationwide so that communities can share ideas around a book’s topic. Our books are taught in university courses. And through awards and awards ceremonies, press books do indeed reach out beyond their covers.

Please consider helping to give our books long-lasting and far-reaching vitality.