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Coming of Age at the End of Nature

A Generation Faces Living on a Changed Planet

Susan A. Cohen (editor), Julie Dunlap (editor), Bill McKibben (foreword)

Twenty-two essays by writers of the climate change generation exploring what it means to come of age in an environmentally damaged world

Coming of Age at the End of Nature explores a new kind of environmental writing. This powerful anthology gathers the passionate voices of young writers who have grown up in an environmentally damaged and compromised world. Each contributor has come of age since Bill McKibben foretold the doom of humanity’s ancient relationship with a pristine earth in his prescient 1988 warning of climate change, The End of Nature.

What happens to individuals and societies when their most fundamental cultural, historical, and ecological bonds weaken—or snap? In Coming of Age at the End of Nature, insightful millennials express their anger and love, dreams and fears, and sources of resilience for living and thriving on our shifting planet. 

Twenty-two essays explore wide-ranging themes that are paramount to young generations but that resonate with everyone, including redefining materialism and environmental justice, assessing the risk and promise of technology, and celebrating place anywhere from a wild Atlantic island to the Arizona desert, from Baltimore to Bangkok. The contributors speak with authority on problems facing us all, whether railing against the errors of past generations, reveling in their own adaptability, or insisting on a collective responsibility to do better.

Taken as a whole, the work of these compelling young writers—some well published and others appearing in print for the first time—creates a space where everyone can listen and demand accelerated action for the future.


  • Blair Braverman
  • Jason Brown
  • Cameron Conaway
  • Elizabeth Cooke
  • Amy Coplen
  • Ben Cromwell
  • Sierra Dickey
  • Ben Goldfarb
  • CJ Goulding
  • Bonnie Frye Hemphill
  • Lisa Hupp
  • Amaris Ketcham
  • Megan Kimble
  • Craig Maier
  • Abby McBride
  • Lauren McCrady
  • James Orbesen
  • Alycia Parnell
  • Emily Schosid
  • Danna Staaf
  • William Thomas
  • Amelia Urry


    • Designated as 2016 INDIES Finalist (Ecology & Environment)


    “A fine collection of environmental writing in this thoughtful anthology from a 'new generation of fossil fuel freedom fighters'... an earnest compendium... an intelligent and heart-felt glimpse into the lives of the emerging authors Bill McKibben greatly influenced and a must-read for anyone interested in environmental issues, particularly climate change.”

    Starred Review Library Journal

    “To say that this book is a particular delight for me would be an understatement. I wrote The End of Nature when I was twenty-seven, and when I go back to read it now some parts seem jejune. That’s not true of the writing in Coming of Age at the End of Nature, which is mature, reflective, deep, and lovely. It makes me hopeful.”

    from the foreword by Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature

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