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My Heart Is Not Blind

On Blindness and Perception

Michael Nye (author)

Portraits and personal narratives of a diverse group of visually impaired people exploring their experiences of vision and perception

My Heart Is Not Blind is a collection of stunning portraits of blind and visually impaired people taken by photographer Michael Nye. Each image is accompanied by an intimate story told by the subject concerning his or her experiences and unique perspective.

The causes of vision loss range from genetic predispositions or disease to external circumstances such as accidents or violence. The people in this diverse collection differ not only in their particular conditions and losses but also in their cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Taken as a whole, however, their accounts of adapting to changing modes of perception are bound by a common theme of resilience, revealed in shared reactions and unexpected insights.

Many of the personal narratives that accompany each portrait speak of the transition from sight to vision loss and how that has changed—and not changed—the ability to perceive the world. Some participants question the classification of blindness as a disability, and one proposes that blindness may in some ways aid one's perception, saying that “if you can always see the sun, you can never discover the stars.”

My Heart Is Not Blind offers compelling accounts of survival, adaptation, and heightened understanding, inviting us to reconsider what we think we know about blindness in order to gain a deeper understanding of perception.


“A profound statement of the absolute diversity of individual minds/consciousnesses and lives, a reminder of the fact that the world is a different thing for each and every person that grasps at it, and a call to empathy, not only toward the blind experience but toward all types of diversity of experience. ”

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