Corky Parker in Conversation with Charlotte Kilcher

Virtual Event

REGISTER NOW FOR THIS FREE ONLINE EVENT, Trinity University Press invites you to a conversation with Corky Parker, author of the forthcoming book LA FINCA: LOVE , LOSS, AND LAUNDRY ON A TINY PUERTO RICAN ISLAND with Charlotte Kilcher of Discovery Channel’s Alaska: The Last Frontier.” At age forty, Parker surrendered to her Swept Away meets Swiss Family Robinson fantasy of running an inn far from her home in the Pacific Northwest. For the next twenty-plus years Parker ran La Finca Caribe, an eco-lodge in Vieques, Puerto Rico. What started as a rough-and-tumble dream grew into a paradise enjoyed by guests from around the world. Sketchbook in hand, Parker chronicled her daily adventures living with the land. People who register for the event will recieve a discount code for 20% off the purchase of the book.