Worth Repeating celebrates SATX community

Everyone has a story. It’s a cliche phrase, but it’s true. Stories are what bring communities together when people feel lost in the wilderness. Such was the case for Texas Public Radio reporter Paul Flahive.

While living in Anchorage, Alaska, Flahive stumbled across a live-reading session where everyday people came up and shared their stories. For Flahive, who felt lost in the Alaskan capital, it was the first time he found that communal feeling. So, after managing the show in Anchorage for a few years, he brought the concept to San Antonio when he joined TPR.

Fast forward to the present and Worth Repeating, TPR’s live-reading series created by Flahive, has been sharing the stories of San Antonians and Texans everywhere for almost 10 years. Now, after hundreds of stories have been shared, locals can read the stories in print format in Worth Repeating: San Antonio Stories from Trinity University Press. Read more.